Can you heal me?

All healing is self-healing. Our body's have their own intelligence and awareness of their problems. When you have a healing treatment your body will try to bring itself to a state of perfect health.

How many treatments will I need?

This is completely up to you. You should take note of how your body feels. Some people decide that one treatment is all they need and others feel that more are needed. You may find that by having regular treatments the interval between them extends over a period of time. 


Reiki treatments are beneficial on a regular basis to maintain feelings of well-being.

Should I continue taking

my medication?

You should ALWAYS discuss any changes you want to make with your doctor before making any changes in taking your prescribed medication.


You may find your symptoms and pain levels easing during a course of Quantum-Touch or Reiki treatments. Take note of any changes in these and discuss them with your doctor.

What will I feel during a treatment?

The sensations can vary for each individual and from treatment to treatment. With both Quantum-Touch and Reiki you may experience a range of sensations including heat, cold, tingling, pain, numbness or nothing. These sensations may be where my hands are placed but may also be felt elsewhere. An absence of sensation does not mean that the treatment is not working. Sometimes sensations can be felt after the session has ended.


Quantum Touch may leave you feeling invigorated or deeply relaxed. Your body decides what it needs. Reiki will leave you feeling deeply relaxed.  

What conditions can be treated?

A wide range of conditions are open to treatment, helping to bring relief from symptoms. Your body determines how it will try to relieve your symptoms, bringing about a state of balance and well-being. Sometimes the level of healing that can be hoped for is on an emotional level, bringing peace and acceptance, helping you to cope with whatever circumstances you find yourself dealing with.

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