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Healing for Animals.


It's not only people who become ill or are injured. Animals need help too and benefit from Quantum-Touch and Reiki in the same ways we do. We know when something is wrong with our pets and offering healing to them gives us a different way to help them.


Animals sense and respond naturally to healing, often falling asleep whilst receiving it. As with people the treatments can be given hands-on or hands-off. Sometimes the effects are noticeable immediately and sometimes may take a few days to become obvious.


Animals respond better in familiar surroundings and I travel within North Shropshire to treat them in their home environment, treating dogs, cats and horses. When you live further afield I offer distance healing treatments, which prove equally effective.




"I have a 4 year old Beagle called Bonnie. She hurt her back whilst playing with a dog in Attingham Park. The next day she was in lots of pain - felt very sorry for herself. Off we went to the vet who prescribed a course of painkillers but later she was back to being in pain and crying out. I happened to be speaking to the lady at the kennels where Bonnie stays for her holidays and she mentioned to me about "Hands for Healing" so I decided to call Sue and ask her to come and visit Bonnie. Bonnie was really relaxed around Sue and was more than happy for Sue to treat her as she lay on the couch and went to sleep. After the visit she was relaxed for the rest of the day and was very chilled (for a Beagle). Bonnie's back problem has not come back and if it did I would definitely contact Sue to treat her again."

Jane M. Shrewsbury.



“On a beautiful summer evening a group of old school friends and their better halves were enjoying a relaxing evening of good food, drink and fun. That quickly changed when a phone call informed us that a sheep was in the middle of the road covered in blood.

We ran with a remarkably steady gait to find her looking as if she’d boxed with a kangaroo while 26 others enjoyed the manicured grass of Whitchurch Cemetery.

The main group was rounded up, which was no small “undertaking” and we concentrated on a very sorry looking yearling ewe. It seemed that she had had a head-on collision with a motor vehicle.

She could not stand and blood seemed to pour from every orifice. I carried her onto the farm yard and was about to give her the last rites when Sue, one of the better halves and someone gaining a wonderful reputation in the art of Quantum Touch asked if she could place her hands on my unfortunate beast.

Being very much the sceptic when it comes to such things I thought, “Well, she’s going to die anyway so what the hell?”

Never in my fifty years in the farming industry have I witnessed such a transformation. Within twenty seconds the ewe was standing up and shortly after she made a few tentative steps.

We helped her into a building and observed.

She continued to make a remarkable recovery except for a floppy ear and being blind in one eye. The other 26 went to market to an uncertain fate. The ewe “Sue” as she is now known continues to enjoy the only home she has known and is currently resting before giving birth to a single lamb at the end of March.

Well done Sue ……. and Sue.”

John, Whitchurch, Shropshire.

"I was recommended to contact Sue at Hands for Healing in order to try and help my elderly border collie, Glen. He is now 13.5 and he’s developed stenosis of the spine... this has progressed quickly and his mobility has been affected. Since he's been receiving regular fortnightly treatments from Sue, his mobility has improved and his good quality of life is still intact. I recommend anyone or pets to try this treatment. The results (for Glen) have been almost instant. He can now enjoy short walks again on a twice daily basis. I am very impressed and so very grateful to Sue. Thank you x"

Jane, Shropshire.

"Sue has helped me twice now to treat my elderly pets in a non threatening relaxed treatment session at home. Recently my 30year old horse went from a very painful immobile neck to a very contented grazing happily old man within hours of treatment. I couldn't begin to explain how Quantum touch works on the body but it worked for him and he has remained pain free since. Thanks again Sue for your patient and sensitive approach to animal healing, keep up the good work."

Linda, Shropshire.

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