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Quantum-Touch is a gentle and profound method of healing which may accelerate the body's own healing process in a wide range of conditions and injuries. These may be physical, mental and emotional. It may have a positive impact upon postural problems. It can be given hands-on or hands-off whilst you remain fully clothed, focusing on the problem areas, or as a distance healing.
The number of sessions needed varies according to the individual, the condition and how long you have had the problem. Quantum-Touch can be useful for controlling or relieving problems.  Some conditions, such as Fibromyalgia, benefit from regular maintenance sessions.

I have conducted an experiment with Fibromyalgia and my volunteer shares her experiences on my YouTube Channel 

Reiki is a gentle healing method from Japan bringing our bodies back into a healthy balance and enhancing feelings of well-being. It is usually given hands-on while you lie down, fully clothed. Even those who are feeling well may find their well-being maintained or enhanced by Reiki.

Staff Appreciation Days for Businesses.

I offer staff well-being days to local businesses to

help address physical, mental or emotional issues

that your staff may be facing.

This assists in the care, support and retention of staff,

your most important asset.

These days are usually comprised of 20 minute

confidential taster sessions of Quantum-Touch®

or Reiki and can be adapted as necessary.



Contact me for details.

A non-refundable deposit is charged at the time of booking.

Mileage Costs.  45 pence per mile.



Although Quantum-Touch and Reiki are highly effective in promoting maximum health and healing through alternative holistic means they may not be sufficient intervention for some health related issues or concerns.  As both Quantum-Touch and Reiki may accelerate healing, please work closely with your physician to monitor your need for medications. Information contained in this site and on the message board is not given or intended to be a substitute or replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The owner(s), developer(s), and maintainer(s) are not engaged in rendering professional or medical advice Please take responsibility for your own health!  


Quantum-Touch Fibromyalgia Experiment

“I got in contact with Sue to do a trial for distance healing to see if there was any help with my symptoms of fibromyalgia.

In the first few weeks when Sue started my healing, I had a bizarre sensation where I almost felt like I was falling and then all of my limbs would go ‘dead’ in the sense that I knew they were there but I couldn’t feel them, no pain for the first time in years. I would always fall asleep while having my sessions and wake up feeling a bit groggy.

I had awful anxiety when we first started also, having lots of palpitations and flickering thoughts and quite severe IBS symptoms. The more sessions I had, the more I found myself having less daily occurrences, which was fantastic! 

Overall I would thoroughly recommend Quantum Touch. Sue is fantastic and answers all questions I had. I have definitely found a change since having my sessions and would like to thank Sue for giving me the opportunity to take part in this trial"

Nicki. Shropshire. December 2020

Distance Quantum-Touch

"My Mum had stage 4 lung cancer. Sue helped with distance Quantum Touch Healing.

After every session, there was improvement:

- Mum was able to breathe better and her oxygen saturation always improved after healing.

- After healing Mum would be calmer and able to sleep better.

- I feel that the healing also helped Mum overcome her chest infection.

In fact, it puzzled the medical team that Mum was so 'well', even though she was Stage 4. Initially, the medical team gave Mum 3 weeks to 3 months to live. Mum enjoyed 18 months with us, with Sue's help. We travelled to France for a holiday. Thank you, Sue."


Review from Jane. Mar 2018.

Copied from my Facebook Page.


"I have been to see Sue for Quantum Healing and each visit I learn something new, feel something different, but each time go away feeling re-energised, relaxed and calm. It’s a wonderful feeling having the treatment, I nearly fall asleep from how peaceful and calm that comes over me. I see images, or go on a journey and often Sue see’s the same. One very poignant treatment was when I was going through cancer treatment and I needed a boost of energy to help me remain positive. During that session we both experienced something we considered amazing at the time and yet we didn’t realise how amazing and significant it would be 12 months later. We saw three birds come into the room and take away three black bags from my tummy. It was such a surreal moment but beautiful too. I went back for a top up recently and to tell Sue that the three tumours have gone and that I am in remission from the cancer. Where the three birds taking them away, I see three birds regular, two black birds and a robin. I feel they are my Mum, my grandma and my baby daughter coming to help and yes I do think they took the rubbish away too. Thank you Sue for helping me to reboot, re-energise and to stay positive. 12 months to live and I’m still here 2 yrs on and plan to remain until old age naturally."

From June.

Copied from my Google Reviews.

Distance Quantum-Touch

“As a scientist, I was very sceptical that this would have any benefit whatsoever. However, I have had to eat my words for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I must have looked really weird to an onlooker as I bent in ways I did not know were possible without Sue even touching me. I can only describe it as some sort of magic that takes away back and neck pain and reduces pain caused by RSI. I just love it! Not only has Sue helped me, but she also helped my 9 month old baby while going through a sleep regression.....her Dad and I are so very grateful, thanks Sue “

Claire. Cambridge.


"As a mother and a full-time teacher I often find it hard to switch off and relax. I ended up in hospital with a suspected mini-stroke. The test results were clear and the consultant suggested it was stress-related or migraine induced. I decided to try Reiki and not only did I feel more relaxed and energised but also more in tune with my mind and body. After treatment I felt more positive, more clear-minded and more able to deal with day-to-day stresses. I no longer have tension headaches and when I feel things building up, I know who to turn to."

LG. North Shropshire


I was suffering with a lower back problem which was causing me great discomfort and I was struggling to work. I had noticed that my posture had changed and I was suffering intense pain in my pelvis when menstruating. During the session I felt lots of movement within my back and a tingling sensation. I became very hot. After only one treatment I felt amazing and I have suffered no more pain since. I felt full of energy afterwards."


HJ. North Shropshire


"Thank you so very much for the Quantum-Touch Healing on my back. I hadn't realised how much pain and discomfort I was in till it went! Marvellous stuff, don't think I'll forget the feeling of my hip re-aligning."

CH. Shropshire.

Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop.

"I recently did a Level One Quantum Touch weekend with Sue.  I loved her gentle energy and clear explanations. She created an environment where I felt really safe and it was therefore easy to learn.  The Quantum Touch manual is also very well written and clear and I have been able to  use it to keep  revisiting  the tools that Sue taught us which has been really helpful." 

Andria, Breathworker, Birmingham.


“When I received Reiki I had this feeling of inner calm, a slowing down, almost an inner glow! I wish I had known about it when I was frantically working every day. I am sure it would have helped me meet the challenges of each day with a more level head!”

BT. Ex-teacher, Shropshire


"Thank you Sue for giving me some peace of mind and reassurance after my recent eye op.

I felt much calmer after your healing touch."



"Thank you Sue for helping me at a very difficult time, both physically and emotionally. When I've been feeling very low physically and very anxious and unwell, your Distance Quantum-Touch work has raised my vibrations and given me a measure of physical relief .The effects are usually felt immediately and last a few days or more. My spirits are raised and my whole body vibrates at a higher frequency. I don't know how I would have survived without your help.”

H.R.J. Wales


"Had a Quantum-Touch session last Thursday - "wow" it took a couple of days to clear the pain up in my back, the most rewarding thing is the pain hasn't returned .

Well done Sue ."

Ken. Cheshire.


"I find Sue professional and welcoming, Sue always makes me comfortable and safe during my treatments. The treatment has helped ease my back pain and I left feeling more mobile, I also had treatment on my broken arm which helped with the pain, and I could feel movement through my plaster, I do believe this helped with my healing. I have had several treatments over the years and have always been happy with the results x"



 "I had recurring back pain. Sue used Quantum touch energy healing and the relief was amazing. Two and a half years on and I am still pain free."



 "Fantastic results from the healing hands of the very clever Sue! Highly recommend!"


 Kerry. Cheshire.


"Sue Rigby is a lovely lady, but what she can do with Quantum Touch is wonderful she has helped me so much with my Arthritis I know it will never go away but due to Sue I have a lot more movement. Thank you Sue x"



"I would highly recommend Sue, professional and relaxing treatment."



"Sue and I were at a Mind, Body and Spirit event, when she noticed that I had lower back pain, which wasn't that obvious. She immediately gave me Healing for my back, and it was gone. Oh, the relief, it was so effective. 
I highly recommend Sue, and frequently call on her Healing Skills as part of a Healing Team I'm involved in."



 "After suffering with back problems for months I turned to Sue for help and I'm so glad I did!  After a couple of treatments the  pain was much reduced and after a couple more almost completely  gone. I was a little sceptical beforehand but now I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sue and the treatment she gives to help you with your ailments, give it a try I'm so glad I did!! Excellent."

 James. Cheshire.

 Quantum -Touch.

 "I have had a couple of Quantum sessions and I can honestly say it has helped me loads. It helped to calm me both  physically and emotionally.  Afterwards I have the best sleep  and feel totally relaxed. Will be booking again soon and  recommend it highly."



"Sue has helped me with depression after losing my Mum and  subsequent headaches. It's a very relaxing a massage with your clothes on! A thoroughly lovely lady."



"Would definitely recommend, it's a fantastic experience, I feel so much better. Sue really is a lovely lady who makes you feel at ease."


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