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Spotify Interview

I have just completed a really enjoyable Spotify podcast with "The Spirit Guiders" about Quantum-Touch. To listen to this and others in their series follow this link 

Quantum-Touch Workshop


In Quantum-Touch we learn how to change our vibrations, working with the smallest energy particles to help our bodies begin healing themselves.

Using a combination of techniques to increase our energy levels brings effective, rapid and often visible changes. During the first morning of the workshop you will experience this for yourself when you learn how to re-align hips. By the end of the first day you will have mastered the basic techniques and put them into practice.

On the second day we move on to more advanced techniques, learning how to amplify the power of Life Force Energy. We will work with the seven main chakras and then expand our work into chakras eight to twelve. Working together as a group we learn distance healing and how to manifest the life and outcomes we desire.

We learn how to make Quantum-Touch an everyday part of our lives.

People who have received Quantum-Touch said this about the treatments:

"I had recurring back pain. Sue used Quantum -Touch energy healing and the relief was amazing. Two and a half years on and I am still pain free."

"Thank you so very much for the Quantum-Touch Healing on my back. I hadn't realised how much pain and discomfort I was in till it went! Marvellous stuff, don't think I'll forget the feeling of my hip re-aligning."

You will learn this and more in the workshop.

Realign Bones with the lightest touch.


These photographs were taken during day one of a workshop and show the results before and after a 10 minute practice session with one student working on another. 

It has been said by Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch, that the definition of a healer is someone who was ill and got better and the definition of a great healer is someone who was ill and got better quickly.

Quantum-Touch can change lives, not just our own but those of others too.

Reduce Inflammation

Before Day 1 (3).jpg
One week later 2.jpg

This little finger joint was swollen and twisted by arthritis. It was impossible to lay it flat. Following Quantum-Touch it began to straighten out and can now be laid flat. This was after 20 minutes. A week later and the swelling is still reducing and the joint is more comfortable.

In my last workshop we saw a number of changes. Posture was changed, hips realigned, eyesight and hearing improved, tinnitus was lessened and we saw the improvements to the finger shown above. Many of these changes are not visible and can only be measured subjectively. I always ask clients to rate their pain before and after a treatment as this gives a way to assess changes. Often the changes will continue for a number of days as our body continues the healing process. Frequently unexpected changes occur as the body works with a number of conditions simultaneously and clients will often say that an ache or pain they forgot to mention has been relieved.


I am often asked how many treatments will be needed. Generally, the shorter the time you have had a condition, the fewer treatments may be needed. Many conditions may be eased within one to three treatments. Some need more treatments. We are all different.



Of the many experiences during the Covid pandemic, finding time to appreciate what we have and the simple beauty around us has brought me and many others comfort and happiness. We have all found our own ways towards whatever gives us that feeling. Not everyone has been able to do that. 

Consciously making time to spend in nature, while using the energy of Quantum-Touch has made the experience even more expansive for me.

I have begun to wonder how our attitudes will change once we are able to resume our busy lives.


Will we still make time for ourselves to feel this happiness or will we just be busy, busy, busy?


Will we be happy?

The traumas of the pandemic are all too real for many people. The emotions of stress and isolation, the grief and fear will need to be released in order for us to live in an emotionally healthy way.

We must find our own path towards happiness. Quantum-Touch may bring the relief you need.


Stress luis-villasmil-mlVbMbxfWI4-unspla

Stress is a part of our daily lives and each of us copes with it differently.

Some of us thrive on stress, some of us can live adrenaline-filled lives for a while and then burnout while others need a slower pace of life.

From the early stages of human development we are programmed for fight, flight and freeze and stress causes us to react in one of those ways.

Some life events are highly stressful, such as bereavement, divorce, pressure at work, job loss and isolation. They can make us feel that we want to hide away, our heart races, we become tearful, irritable, forgetful and seem to exist in a fog. It can be embarrassing to share these problems and they increase, affecting our sleep and our ability to cope with our daily lives.

Quantum-Touch and Reiki can help us to deal with some of these problems, allowing us to relax, working mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to find relief.

Sometimes, simply taking time for ourselves in a healing session can give us breathing space, without pressure.

Vital Muscles

balance cristina-gottardi-q3FihXQ-13M-unsplash.jpg

In Quantum-Touch™ Level 2 we learn to work with non-obvious muscles and tendons. These are vital in providing strength and stability to our bodies, especially important as we age, helping us to avoid falls and stay mobile and flexible. The ability to walk, get up from a chair and climb stairs is something we need to maintain, giving us independence and freedom.


Three major muscles and tendons we work with in Level 2 perform these functions, enabling us to raise our legs, to rotate our legs outwards and to bend sideways from the waist. After an operation on my hip my body showed me the impact of Quantum-Touch in speeding up healing.


When I receive healing my body moves in response to the energy and it also does this when I give myself healing. As I stood to give myself a Quantum-Touch session I focused on the three major muscles, one at a time. In response my leg was raised, my hip and knee rotated outwards and my body bent to the side from my waist, not all at the same time!! When I received physiotherapy these muscles were the centre of attention.


By regularly giving myself a healing I am supporting these muscles now and into the future, reminding me that Quantum-Touch is there for the whole of me and the whole of my life. We have the most amazing Inner Healers within us, always communicating with us.


Now we just have to listen and act.

Q & A Session with MysticMag

Rec MysticMag.png

I am recently been interviewed by MysticMag and am delighted to share this with you. It was very thought-provoking.


Simply follow this link to read it.

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